Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Post #59: Something to Note - The Dog Days Are Over

            There are some people who seem like they can pull off just about anything. Any action, any speech, and most importantly (for this blog) any piece of clothing. There's something about the aura they give off...or more simply put, they have a hell of a lot of confidence. 
            In anticipation of Florence + The Machine's performance on Good Morning America this Friday, I thought I would showcase the one and only Florence Welch and how she's redefining style across musicians and genres. 
            When Florence first came onto the scene, her music video for Kiss With a Fist hit Youtube. The video itself isn't as involved or intricate as some of her others (such as Rabbit Heart), but it does show one thing: Miss Welch will wear whatever she pleases and rock it. If you haven't seen the video or heard the song, check it out and note that she is wearing a floral top, purple skirt, and horizontally striped stockings. Although its a definite fashion faux pas that I'm not telling any of you to repeat, she does look pretty kickass in it. And has the shoes to kick your ass in if you don't agree. 
            In many of her concert photos she has a flair for the dramatic (whether that be in the form of fringe, feathers, exceedingly high heels, or rocker grunge). If you look at the four pictures below, you can see that cheetah print stockings under t-shirts, peacock feather stiletto boots, and yard-long fringe are all in her closet. 


            One of the primary reasons why there are so many designers out there is that people have different tastes. They like trying on different characters and costumes. This month's Nylon Magazine cover girl, Florence  Welch is a flower child, a red-headed Alice in Wonderland, a rockstar, a mystic, and a girl who can pull off just about anything. And while she has a vocal powerhouse to back up her style choices, I think that any of us could rock our clothing choices with just a bit more confidence. So put on a pair of heels and feel a little sexier as you strut down the street or put on a flower dress and feel like the world is at your feet. Watch Florence amazingly pull off running in 5-6 inch heels all around a stage in a live performance of Dog Days Are Over (see video below), get up off your couch or desk chair or bed, change into something you feel confident in, and rock the look. Oh, and watch her performance on Good Morning America on Friday if you need that little extra reminder that confidence lets you rock just about anything you're wearing. 

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