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Post #93: Blogger Returns - The Best and Worst of the 2012 Golden Globes

            There's nothing like starting off a new year of blogging with a red carpet critique. While runways of couture may have the most fantastical designs and magazine spreads may create fantasy lands or harken back to decades past, the red carpet is one of the few places where you will see such a conglomeration of real people wearing truly artistic fashion at once. 
            Being the fashion addict that I am, I tuned into E! for the entirety of its Live on the Red Carpet show. To start things off, I'd like to question the stylist of E!'s talent. While Giuliana Rancic is one of the few people who can pull off a high collar, neither of her dresses were set to impress. Kelly Osbourne, the Fashion Police constant, sported grey hair and a truly unflattering dress. While the color was pretty the cut did nothing for her, especially while seated in E!'s booth. Ryan Seacrest's Burberry suit was nothing standout, but I will say that his Harry Winston watch was something to be admired. 
            Speaking of Ryan Seacrest, the host seemed to have learned a great (and potentially humbling) red carpet lesson when he didn't ask Angelina Jolie who her dress was by (Atelier Versace, in case you were curious). With Jolie already having been discussed multiple times in the pre-Live segment, I had a vocal reaction upon the realization that he let her get away without discussion of her gown. It seemed like a higher-up also had a pretty vocal reaction as Ryan made a point to immediately ask Michelle Williams (his next interviewee) about her dress upon her arrival at his station.
            Before we get to the best and the worst, a few other highlights: Brad Pitt still needs to cut his hair, while Ashton Kutcher finally did (did you watch him shave on camera for E! this evening too?). Mila Kunis was dressed in black Dior thanks to her new campaign with them, but was nothing noteworthy compared to her 2011 appearance. Meanwhile, Sofia Vergara praised Vera Wang for sending her dresses that "zip and close." Tsk Tsk to her Modern Family co-star, Eric Stonestreet, for only having the top button of his tuxedo done. The exuberant actor should know how to dress appropriately after his show was nominated for the second year in a row. While Reese Witherspoon seems to never have a bad red carpet moment, the one flaw in her red Zac Posen dress was the fact that in close-up HD you could see the two-sided tape necessary to prevent peek-a-boo moments. For someone who's supposedly looked to for her fashion choices, Freida Pinto's Prada dress was shapeless. Her Chopard jewels only somewhat made up for the lack of richness in the fabric. Emma Stone, who killed it in 2011 in a simplistically sexy peach gown, definitely stepped it down a notch in her two-toned Lanvin creation this year. Ricky Gervais dressed every part the devil in a black and blood-red tux and a black pleated shirt. And just as Gervais set the Golden Globes evening in motion, it's time for this blogger to get this list going. 

The Worst:

5. Meryl Streep: She would have made it higher on the worst dressed list, but her acting chops and my respect for her keep Streep at number five on the worst dressed list. The embellishment on the top of her stiff black dress looked more cowgirl than lace and the structure made her hips look wide. All due respect, but fashion is not just for the young.


4. Salma Hayek: I'm sure that Ms. Hayek will be making some people's best dressed lists, but just take a moment to look at her gown. The glimmer and intensity of this Gucci dress did initially intrigue me. However, intrigue is not enough to stop the design from making Hayek look even shorter than she is. Perhaps a gold cuff or two is in order to style this gladiator chic. 

3. Jessica Chastain: As much as Diane Lane can dress to look younger, Jessica Chastain aged herself about fifteen years. In a dress better suited for her character in The Help, Chastain's figure was not aided by this flesh-toned Givenchy silhouette. The high-neck and the teased hair don't help either. 

2. Piper Perabo: Unlike Olivia Wilde's incredibly successful Golden Globes 2011 princess poof, Perabo's 2012 sheer, nude, and plastic-y apparel made her a princess gone awry. Not only was it see-through (on the Golden Globe stage especially), but the color did nothing for her. From Theysken's Spring 2012 Theory collection, this dress is a swing a and a miss. An intriguing back cut-out couldn't even save it.

1. Zooey Deschanel: The fact that I absolutely adore Zooey made it even more painful to see her commit such an atrocious fashion faux pas. Wearing a one-of-a-kind, custom-made Prada gown, it looked like Deschanel threw up some Witch's Brew on Halloween. The green and black concoction was nothing special in shape and the bodice and skirt seemed completely incongruent. The distinctly coiffed hair added to the harshness of this look. 

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The Best

6. Sarah Michelle Gellar: While I like groups of five, I just had to make this a top six. Sarah Michelle Gellar piqued my curiosity and then gained my affection in this Monique Lhullier piece. It could be an art installation with its splatter-paint affect, but the gorgeous vibrant blue and white and playful-but-flattering structure of this dress make it a red carpet showpiece. What's even cuter? Gellar told the cameras that she let her 2-year-old daughter pick it out. 

5. Stacy Keibler: Red and Valentino, this dress just can't go wrong. Stacy Keibler subtly but sexily showed off her Dancing With the Stars body in this amazing gown. As if the simple front column wasn't enough to turn heads, the back of the dress's bow and cut are sure to keep people looking. 

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4. Nicole Kidman: It may not appear this way in the photo above, but Nicole Kidman's Versace dress was to die for. The pale tones actually brightened her skin tone giving it a healthy and glowing appearance. The beading was intricately beautiful and the fabric hugged her every curve.

3. Julie Bowen: Channeling Grace Kelly! Ms. Bowen was styled to vintage perfection tonight in a nude Reem Acra gown. The only possible flaw: According to E!, Olivia Wilde wore the same dress in off-white at the 2008 Emmy Awards ( 

2. Charlize Theron: Well-anticipated, Charlize Theron did not let her fashion lovers and supporters down tonight. Let me just say, j'adore Christian Dior Couture. This blush-toned gown was elements of theatrical, daring, and demure rolled into one. The sparkling headband was the perfect accent to finish her look. 

1. Elle MacPherson: Or should I say Elle Macfierceon. Zac Posen seems to have enjoyed playing with seams this season. While the "raw" look of this dress could turn some off, its drama deserves to be at the top of this bests list. 

Disagree with something? Think the Mannequin failed to mention a superb red carpet moment? Check back tomorrow for more on the Globes. Can't wait until then? Comment!

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  1. I totally agree with all your bests and worsts! Sarah looks great and Stacy looks so elegant XxxX