Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Post #19: Fashion on Film - What a Way to Go!

On the very first day of my Costume Design class at Colgate, the professor began by writing the following quote on the board: "Fashion is about the outfit. Costume is about character." Yet, every time we choose to don a specific outfit, aren't we trying to play a certain character? Whether it be the laid-back prepster, the athlete, or the girl who's going out for the night, we choose our outfits to fulfill certain functions. 

This week, the "Fashion on Film" video is the movie trailer for 1964's "What a Way to Go!" starring Shirley Maclaine. 

In 1964, the film cost $20 million to make because of its elaborate sets, star-studded cast, and its $500,000 costume budget. Nowadays "regular studio film" costume budgets begin at approximately $100,000. That being said, these costumes are something worth noting. Designed by Edith Head, who in her lifetime garnered eight academy awards for her work, these outfits are the stuff of fantasies (watch the entire movie to fully understand what I mean by this). If my closet consisted of these, plus the 3.5 million dollars worth of Harry Winston jewels that were loaned out for the movie, I might just die and go to fashion heaven. So, watch, enjoy, and get inspired for all the costumes you don in your own life. 

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