Thursday, August 25, 2011

Post #75: The Mannequin's (Shoppable) Fall Picks - Urban Outfitters

            This week The Mannequin will be bringing you its favorite picks from all of your favorite stores as inspiration for that last minute Back-to-School Shopping. So get comfortable and make sure you have a pad and pen handy (or a printer...or a credit card), and start having some fashionable fun.
            For Fall, dresses are a really nice transitional look. While the dregs of summer send their final heat waves your way, a dress is a light and airy option. When the air starts getting a little colder, just add a pair of stockings/tights, maybe a pair of boots, perhaps a cardigan in your purse, and you're ready to go.
            At Urban Outfitters this fall, the choices are classic, bringing in muted florals and gray tones. My favorites include:

The Kimchi Blue Lace Dress ($59.00)

The Kimchi Blue Wildflower Dress ($69.00)

The Cooperative Backless Tweed Dress ($69.00)

            For jackets and blazers, try breaking into patterns. It's a good way to put a new spin on an old look. Just throw on a solid colored shirt or cami underneath and you're good to go. If you do choose to go the classic route, I suggest getting it tailored (or at least having it give you more of a figure than a box).

The Ecote Navajo Surplus Jacket ($89.00)

The Urban Renewal Surplus Jacket ($89.00)

            For those days when you're not in the mood to wear a blazer or those nights when you're feeling a little daring (and have some form of stick-on headlights, please), you can try the following looks...they definitely got my attention. 

The Silence & Noise Cropped Tee ($34.00)

The Lucca Couture Cowl Back Top ($44.00)

            If you're feeling collegiate (and you should be since you're going back to school), try the sweater below. It's sure to make for comfy nights studying at your desk or in the library. Pair it with jeans or leggings. 

The Levi's 3/4 Sleeve Pullover Sweater ($68.00)

            And now for bottoms, because no one should be seeing your panties while you're out and about in public...Since midriff baring tops seem to be all the rage, try a pair of higher-waisted jeans (maybe in a fun color) to get rid of muffin-top and unsightly stomach bulge, while still feeling stylish. If you're bored of your same high-waisted skirt silhouette, try a high-waisted midi skirt to give a little extra length and coverage. Personally, these skirts make me feel like Belle in Beauty & the Beast. Otherwise, there are a couple of other fun variations/suggestions for fall. 

The BDG Cigarette High-Rise Jean ($58.00) 
(note: these come in a plethora of colors including Berry, Pink, Navy, Grey, Washed Black, White, and Yellow)

The Cooperative Pleated Knit Midi Skirt ($54.00)

The Cooperative Buttoned Skirt ($49.00)

The Staring At Stars Paperbag Skirt ($59.00)

Happy shopping fashionistas.

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