Monday, September 26, 2011

Post #85: Spotted at Colgate - The Hair Bow

If you thought that hair bows were a thing of days past, a fashion element of your childhood that you'd never return to, then think again. While some people may consider bows to be juvenile, I'm going out on a limb and calling them the pick-me-up to your fall wardrobe. For the past couple of weeks I have been noticing more and more girls on campus tying ribbons into bows on their ponytails, but today I saw and fell in love with the bow in the picture above. 
As a fan of almost all head and hair wear (I may obsessively wear headbands and hats), the focus of this particular post is zooming in on the hair bow clip instead of the fabulous headband bows of Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl. 

The bow clip reminds me of everything from Alice in Wonderland, to Betsy Johnson, to sisters frolicking in the woods with white bows in their hair in the 1926 silent film Ménilmontant. Bows can be sweet, demure, quirky, or totally prep. You can find them in classic black, bright colors, or prints. 
If you're going to try out this trend, then I advise that you bow it up with a hairstyle that's half-up/half-down. If you're hesitant about it, start out small. 

If you're feeling bold, then definitely take a cue from the fabulous Zooey Deschanel and go big or go home. 

...but maybe don't go as big (or as on top of your head) as Katy Perry. 

If you're wondering wear to get your bow (and don't want to make your own), Forever 21 and Etsy are great places to start looking. Forever 21 offers them at very low costs in plain colors and simple patterns. Meanwhile, for a few extra bucks, Etsy make not only the bow but the center of the bow more intricately designed (and you're more apt to find bows in larger sizes here). A few of The Mannequin's personal favorites are listed below. So wear a bow...because who doesn't like presents?

The Adorable Black and Red Polka-Dot Bow (3" x 1.5") on Etsy

The Skull and Crossbones Pretty Peach Hair Bow Clip (3.5"x4.5") on Etsy

Forever 21 Black Satin Bow Hair Clip

Forever 21 Floral Bow Claw Clip

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