Thursday, April 26, 2012

Post #100: The Quest to Meet Betsey Johnson

            Once upon a time, I grew up roaming the Syracuse campus with my two Syracuse-alum parents. I still distinctly remember one of my first visits where a hot pink Betsey Johnson car was parked in front of the Newhouse buildings. While I ceased to make the connection between two of the dresses that I preferred to live in at age 7 and the car that I was posing next to in the moment, it was the start of my lifelong relationship with Betsey Johnson. 
            Why am I talking about Syracuse? Because Ms. Johnson was a graduate of its College of Visual and Performing Arts. 

The designer. 

No wonder her clothes have such a theatrical air. Since that moment in front of the car, I have worn a slew of Betsey Johnson designs. I've worn a nude Betsey with light pink bows and trim while meeting Natasha Bedingfield, another Betsey to a seventh grade black-tie bar mitzvah and then again to junior prom, yet another showed up at a friend's birthday dinner, and I am about to don yet another beautiful design at a fraternity formal. Aside from all of these, I should also mention the hot pink Betsey Johnson crinoline petticoat that I wore to a college party. That being said...
            In honor of The Mannequin's 100th post, I am setting out on a mission to meet the designer herself. Such a lifelong connection has driven my desire to meet the woman with all of this whimsy in her brain. Whether it's because of the fact that her clothing is timeless, or my addiction to the aesthetic of the hot pink and black shopping bags, or my even stronger addiction to the aesthetic of her stores (If you've seen the SoHo boutique, I wish my room could look like that!), my goal is to get the opportunity to meet this fascinating woman by Spring 2013. 

My mom and I having fun in Soho. 


Who wouldn't be able to have fun in this get-up? (That's me on the left)

Click on the picture to enlarge and focus in on the puff-sleeves and floral print. That dress also graced the presence of Serendipity III in NYC. 

More photos and posts regarding the designer and the Quest to Meet Betsey Johnson to come. Comment or begin following The Mannequin (or like us on Facebook) to help call attention this project and goal. 

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