Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Post #101: The Mannequin's Summer Picks

            As the week before finals starts to get into full swing here at Colgate, The Mannequin will be posting its favorite picks for clothing and accessories as a form of motivation. Here's to making it through the final push to freedom, shopping, and summer. 
            While paying attention during discussion in my American School class this morning, the circular desk set-up placed red Tory Burch Miller Sandals in my line of sight...and it took a great deal of effort to look away. The sandals in question are the following:

            Perfect for adding that pop of color during the summer months (imagine pairing them with white capris and a horizontally striped sailor-inspired top) or for fitting the theme at a Fourth of July barbeque, these sandals are gorgeous and foot-flattering. 
            Unfortunately, the Tory Burch website no longer sells the Miller Sandal in all red. Meaning, you can either find it for sale on another site (type it into Google and you'll find plenty) or you can try it in a different color. My favorite alternate is the Leather Miller Sandal in Sunset Orange (retails for $195):

            However, if you truly cannot resist the red, the miller 2 Sandal exists (for $225). The only difference between this one and the original Miller is that instead of having a red Tory Burch center, the logo exists on a bronze plate. Could be cold on the foot, but it looks fairly interesting:

11 days until the end of finals. Happy procrastinating. 

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