Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Post #104: The Mannequin's Summer Picks - LWD

            It's beginning to look a lot like summer as exam week starts up (or ends for yours truly). The smell is in the air, the temperature's rising here in Hamilton, and the promise of summer vacations to exotic and beach locales is close on the horizon. So what will you wear? Let me make a suggestion.
            The yang to the "little black dress's" yin is upon us. While the classic LBD is still a sexy year-round staple, the LWD is perfect for standing out in the daytime. Go soft for an ethereal look or skin-tight for Hamptons sex appeal (Gossip Girl Season 2 "White Party" anyone?), but whatever you do, get one in your closet. Stat!

            Upon finally giving in and clicking on the Nasty Gal ad that kept popping up on the side of my Facebook, I quickly became obsessed. So here are The Mannequin's LWD picks courtesy of Nasty Gal (and one from Urban Outfitters for good measure):

The Lara Lace Dress:

The "Blairest" of them all, this cotton/nylon/spandex blend sells for $58. While the design is unique in itself based on the lined sweet-heart cut with the lace neckline, one of the best aspects of this LWD is that it's form-flattering while still classy. Need to go to tea with the parents? You can wear it. Want to go on a hot date? You can also wear it. Perfection. 

 The Strapped in Dress (Nasty Gal):

This is one of those ensembles that just screams "sex on a stick." Wear when you're dressed to impress...the opposite sex, that is. It also sells for $58 (polyester/spandex blend).

The Lucca Couture Chiffon Tie Top Baby Doll Dress ($69 at Urban Outfitters):

Whether you're making pancakes on Sunday morning or floating around Central Park, this dress is ethereal, girly, and fun. While it seems like a basic variation on the babydoll theme, the back gives it an unexpected edge that makes it much more wearable in the real world.

3 Days Until The End of Finals. Hang in there. 

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