Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Blogger Hits Paris Men's Fashion Week - Christian Lacroix

            Finally, this blogger has gotten her very first intoxicating taste of going to a fashion show. From the people (including Suzy Menkes, Terry Richardson, Tommy Ton, etc.) to the side streets, from the venues to the style...the atmosphere is intriguing and brilliant.
            The very first show that I went to was the Christian Lacroix menswear show for Spring/Summer 2013. Personally, I'm amazed by the amount of women in heels who survived walking the cobblestone path that led into Hotel de Brossier (located at 12 Rue Charlot). Once inside, I found a standing spot on the stairs right next to the pack of photographers.
            While the house of Lacroix is often thought of as being more in tune with the world of costumes than the world of fashion, I found the show to be both inspired and wearable. Playful prints lit up closet staples such as the t-shirt (cut in a more square and billowing fashion). Classically puffy jackets were made refined in their detailing, including multiple zippered layers. Belts and banding were also used in an innovative fashion as they wrapped around sections of the clothing and torso, but were not a completely outside layer. Many of the jacket and skinny tie pairings were sexy, confident, and slightly reminiscent of Mad Men. Meanwhile, the continuity of the collection resided in the silhouette with variations on a few staple pieces (larger jackets, suiting, and billowy square t-shirts).  
            For your enjoyment, research, and entertainment please enjoy the following photographs (click to enlarge): 

The venue prior to plastic being removed from the catwalk. 

I truly enjoyed the bright colors that were sent down the runway. Clearly my obsession with yellow clothing isn't going away any time soon. Also, both jackets here have great classic potential. 

An example of the prints seen at the show. 

While not every man could pull off the pants on the right, I'd sure like to see some try.

Great interplay between a subtle pattern and an exaggerated puffy silhouette. 

Every man should own an outfit like this. 

Innovative use of banding as previously mentioned. 

A slice of the finally line-up. 

(All Photographs By Kristen Friberger)

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