Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Post #110: Something to Note - Hedi Slimane and Yves Saint Laurent

                                  (Photo Citation)                                                                      (Photo Citation)

            For those of you who don't know, Hedi Slimane was recently appointed creative director of YSL. With a large fashion background that includes a previous run at YSL, as well as run at Dior and a successful career as a photographer, Slimane is clearly worthy of the job. 
            However, Slimane recently decided that L.A. is the place to be. Whether it's the sun, the smog, or the history, something clearly attracted him across a pond and a continent. Why is this an issue? Because YSL's headquarters are in Paris (separating them and Slimane by thousands of miles and a 9-hour time difference) and fittings will still be taking place there. 
            Many comparisons are being made between Slimane and Phoebe Philo. Philo, who is creative director of Céline (and who rose to fame during her time at Chloé), moved to London to be closer to her family. Thanks to her incredible work ethic and success, the Céline studio picked up and moved from Paris to London so that they could be close. 
            Somehow, I doubt that the house of Yves Saint Laurent is going to ditch its native Paris for laid-back L.A. It does not fit the image of the company and it would cost an incredible amount of money. But if they don't move, what will that mean for Slimane? Somehow I don't see a creative director who is so far removed from its fashion house lasting that long. The Mannequin will be keeping an eye on how this plot thickens over the course of the next few months. And you should too. 

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